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Hey Girl Hey,

“Once you really know yourself, can’t nobody tell you nothing about you.”

– Megan Thee Stallion

You have experienced heartbreak, disappointment, shame, and loneliness and it feels like you have no one around that understands your pain. You have spent so much time and energy focused on helping everyone. But there is no one there to support you. You lie awake at night, with countless thoughts running through your mind and no sleep to be found. Sis, we get it. We have been there. That’s why, Dr. Radisha Brown wrote the book Girl, Get off the Couch and created #themovement for YOU!

Listen, we are all in a fight to overcome trauma, pain, and weight gain. You struggle, I struggle, WE ALL STRUGGLE, but when You Heal, I  Heal, WE ALL HEAL!!!


Collectively dedicated to creating spaces for women to grow, heal and thrive in spite of past trauma.
We are resilient, vulnerable, and powerful. We ARE Women HEALING


Unapologetically healing from past trauma is our highest priority in becoming our authentic self
Enforcing personal and professional boundaries is an act of self care
Faith is the foundation to becoming the best version of our self
Our experience is our truth and it does not require agreement with family or friends
In giving our self grace while we take the needed time and space to heal
It’s time to GET OFF THE COUCH and fight to take back our mental, physical and spiritual health.



Girl, Get off the Couch book provides lessons and insights from Dr. Radisha Brown’s divorce and 80-pound weight gain to help you lose the physical and mental weight holding you back.


Girl, Get off the Couch podcast is a safe place for women to take your wig, bra, and your shoes off, as we laugh, cry and HEAL!!! NO Topic is off limits!!  “You Heal, I  Heal, WE ALL HEAL!!!” If you’re a woman looking for an extra dose of inspiration on the go, Join Dr. Radisha Brown’s as she has vulnerable conversations.
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Because Women deserve to feel loved, supported, and safe during their healing journey.

"Girl Get Off The Couch Pledge"

I PLEDGE to be who I am without anyone’s approval
I PLEDGE to  live in my truth and be authentic
I PLEDGE to be intentional about my healing
I PLEDGE to make healing my number #1 priority
I PLEDGE  to GET OFF THE COUCH and pour into myself daily


In 2020, Dr Radisha Brown published Girl, Get off the Couch giving a roadmap to healing after betrayal and heartbreak. Dr. Radisha Brown, known as America’s #1 Breakup Therapist provides lessons and insights from her breakup and divorce to help you lose the physical and mental weight holding you back. She discusses how she lost 80 pounds of physical weight by prioritizing her mental wellness. She shows you the connection between emotional pain and physical weight, to help you break free from the emotional baggage of failed relationships and inspires you to build the life that God intended for you.

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