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Girl, Get off the Couch Coaching- GET THE TOOLs for inner peace

Hey Girl Hey!  We have all experienced heartbreak and trauma that leaves us feeling hopeless, ashamed and unworthy. Listen, no matter what you have experienced you are worthy of living your BEST life. Coaching provides tools to help you create boundaries, find your voice, and to be your authentic self.  Book a one on one session with a GGOTC certified coach TODAY!


Select one of our certified coaches.
Schedule a 1 on 1 session to start unpacking emotional baggage.
Apply the tools for inner peace and create your BEST LIFE!
Get Off the Couch and pour into yourself daily.



The hardest part about change is convincing yourself that you are worth the effort required

I support individuals who have experienced breakups and individuals who want to avoid unnecessary breakups. My mission to help you heal so that you are in the best position to give and receive love. My work is guided by faith and the simple idea that when we connect the dots between past experiences and present pain, we can position ourselves for a powerful future.

MyKaria Davis

Starting today means you’ve already won the battle

I support individuals who are in transition to a life long spiritual commitment. My mission is to provide a safe space for you to unlock the answers you need to move forward, in taking your faith walk to the next level

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