Girl Get Off The Couch

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Live Event

Join us at our next event. These events will help us to reflect, release, and revitalize as we heal. Events such as:

“Girl Let’s Talk” is a FREE #NO JUDGEMENT ZONE virtual Empowering conversations about…..Personal and Professional Goals. Get notified first.

“The Pajama Pillow Talk” is an intimate live event for women ONLY, to release stress, to gain knowledge, and support on our healing journey. Women are encouraged to come in their pajamas….and remember to take your wig, bra, and your shoes off, as we laugh, cry and HEAL!!!

Girl Get Off The Couch Event” This conference is a live event including music, mental health, and wellness. This is a unique annual event that brings together musical artists, mental health professionals, and advocates. This event includes those things:

Panel Discussions

Live Performances


The mission of this event is to provide mental health awareness, resources and tools to HEAL!

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