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APR 21, 2020

Ep1- What is Girl Get Off the Couch

Girl, Get off the Couch podcast is a safe place for women to take your wig, bra, and your shoes off, as we laugh, cry and HEAL!!! NO Topic is off-limits!! “You Heal, I Heal, WE ALL HEAL!!!” If you’re a woman looking for an extra dose of inspiration on the go, Join Dr. Radisha Brown’s weekly

APR 21, 2020

Ep2- Know Your Fremeny on Your Wellness Journey

Hey beautiful! In today’s show we’re talking about knowing your enemy in the fight to reclaim your wellness.
So often we go through life with frenemies – those people who will smile in our face, but sing a different tune behind our backs.

APR 21, 2020

Ep3- Saying No will save your life

Hey beautiful! In today’s show we’re talking about how the word “NO” will save your life.
Often in our journey, we say yes to everything with little acknowledgement of what is tied to it.
All we know is that in most cases, we feel like we are obligated to say yes.

APR 21, 2020

Ep4- Visualize the Change to Create a New You

Visualize the change to create a new you.

JUN 6, 2020

EP5- How to recognize depression

In this episode we are discussing how to recognize the signs and symptoms of depression.

JUN 6, 2020

EP6- Questions to Ask Yourself Before Divorcing-1

In this episode, we will be discussing important questions to ask yourself before deciding to divorce.

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